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Who is this for?

This questionnaire is for early-stage to Series B startups - from pure bootstrap to $50m raised in venture capital.

Why does it matter?

Security is essential for tech startups. It's not just about protecting your intellectual property, it's about your reputation too. When dealing with large customers, you will be required to demonstrate you are secure.

How does the scoring work?

We take an array of features to evaluate a startup's risk on one side, and the strength of its defenses on the other. The score is the relative balance between risk and level of security.

This means that a startup with low risk but medium defenses will score highly, while a startup with high risk and medium defenses will rank less well.

Will my data be shared with any third-party?

Never. It is solely used to establish the ranking.

How long until I get my results?

The process is automatic and takes no more than a couple minutes.

Who is behind

Startup Security Score was built by people at X80 Security to help our customers quickly know where they stand.

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